You Gotta See This!

There are so many brilliant things floating around the web.
We've decided that on fridays we'd like to share some of the things that have caught our attention!
That are just too fun not to pass along...

 i'm in love with this idea!
it's a time capsule!

jamie spotted this over on kelli crowe's blog.

take yourself a jar.
put a cute little family picture in the front.
then display it somewhere where it's easy to get to.
then... throughout the year drop fun little items that represent your year.
theirs included. movie ticket stubs. a silly band. hospital wrist band. popsicle stick with a joke on it. a yugio card. a "lucky rock" from a vacation. love note. a family business card. and more!

there's no doubt we'll be doing this. starting now!!


i think i'll be needing some of these red heart paper straws!
they would be perfect for our valentine's day dinner.
who doesn't love a cute paper straw!


who knew you could make such cute keychains with wooden discs and sharpies?
Jessica from How About Orange did!
they would make dang cute magnets too!

such great ideas!!

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