So Fortunate To Have You

Back in August, we shared this idea on How Does She for a first day of school teacher treat. We thought it would be perfect for teachers (or anyone else you feel fortunate to have) for Valentine's Day too.

what you'll need:
  • a chinese take out box (we picked ours up at michael's craft store)
  • fortune cookies (you can find them at smart n final or albertsons)
  • the label (Download Teacher Fortunate Tags)  or  (Download Blank Fortunate Tags)
  • a 4" scalloped circle
  • a sheet of tissue paper
  • ribbon
  • optional: milk chocolate melts and sprinkles/jimmies
all you need to do is:
  • print your label and cut it out (we used a 3" circle punch)
  • adhere the label to the scalloped circle and attach to the front of the box
  • add the sheet of tissue paper to the bottom of the box
  • and fill it up with fortune cookies
  • tie a bow on the handle
it's as simple as that...

now if you want to earn extra credit:
  • follow the instructions on the bag for melting the chocolate
  • dip half of the cookie in the chocolate and then set it on some wax paper
  • while the chocolate is still wet... sprinkle on some sprinkles or jimmies
  • then wait for the chocolate to harden and fill your boxes with them
* * * * * * *
Go check out a great tip for adding your own fortunes over at...

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