{Christmas Advents} Countdown Clipboard

This week will be dedicated to
Christmas Advents
here at Eighteen25

We are excited to share some of the ways we like to countdown to Christmas in our homes.

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 First off is the
Christmas Countdown Clipboard...

I made this countdown a couple years ago and I get so excited to put it out on the first of December. Every day, the kids (and I) take turns removing a number. Watching as the days until Christmas get closer and closer (and my stress level goes higher and higher).  

to make:
1. mod podge pattern paper to a clipboard using a foam brush.
2. print off "... days until christmas" on white cardstock. font used: elise
3. back in a solid cardstock
4. dot your i's with sparkly fun brads.
5. print off numbers 1 through 25 on white cardstock. font used: broadcast
    note: the number sheets are 5x7, so you can get 2 out of an 8.5x11 piece of cardstock.
6. and if you're feeling fancy... tie some ribbon to the top. 

let the countdowns begin!!

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