Today's Project: Spirit Jugs

we came across the idea for these ghostly guys a couple years ago on family fun.
with as much milk as my kids go through, it took us no time at all to have all of the supplies handy.

Spirit Jugs

what you'll need:

  • clean gallon milk jugs
  • black permanent marker
  • craft knife
  • string of clear low-wattage christmas lights
step one: draw some spooky faces on your milk jugs.

step two: let your kids color in the faces while you bake a batch of cookies.
step three: using the craft knife (mom), cut a hole in the lower backside of the jug. about the size of a half dollar (or maybe a little bigger since i couldn't picture a half dollar).

step four: line all of your ghosts up and stuff several lights in each one.

step five: place your group of glowing spirit jugs along your walkway or front porch to welcome those cute little holiday guests. 
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