Today's Guest: Somewhat Simple

Hi everyone! I am excited to be here on the last day of this totally fun series! My name is Stephanie and my little site is called somewhat simple. My Halloween project is probably the easiest idea featured yet! My mom, who is the self-proclaimed least craftiest person alive, used to make these every year, so if she can do it, so can you!

These little paper covered suckers are so cute to be given as gifts, set out in a cute centerpiece, or hung from your trees in your yard. I made these for the ladies I visit teach and my 3 kids decided they wanted to make some for their friends too, so we made a ton one afternoon and have been giving them out to friends and guests ever since! Here are all 3 tutorials for each type of lollipop and at the end of this post I've included a free printable for some cute gift tags.

Ghost Lollipops: Scissors, Black Marker, Suckers, Toilet Paper, Ribbon or String
Pumpkin Lollipops: Scissors, Orange Paper (tissue paper works best), Suckers, Green ribbon
Frankenstein Lollipops: Scissors, Black Paint, Green Paper (tissue paper works best), Suckers, Ribbon
or String

Tutorial One
1. Center your lollipop on 2 squares of toilet paper.
2. Wrap toliet paper around the lollipop and pinch at the stick.
3. Secure toilet paper by tying a knot or bow where the candy meets the stick.
4. Draw a face simply by dotting your toilet paper 3 times with a black marker

Tutorial Two
 1. Stick the stick of your lollipop into the middle of your orange paper.
Tissue paper is easier to form around the sucker, but I didn't have any! 
2. Bring up the sides to cover the lollipop.
3. Tie your green ribbon around the top.
4. Snip the ends of the orange paper just above your ribbon

Tutorial Three
1. Stick the stick of your lollipop into the middle of your green paper.
2. Bring up the sides to cover the lollipop.
3. Tie your string around the top & snip the ends of the paper just above your ribbon.
4. Dip your tip into black paint and let dry completely.

Fill a container with foam and/or spanish moss then stick a variety of lollipops inside. My favorite was the glass jar filled with candy corn stuffed with ghosts! Add a ribbon and a gift tag and you are good to go!

Or, grab a small handful, tie them in a bunch and add a tag! Here are the tags I made. Feel free to print them off if you'd like and give them to your friends-

(click image to enlarge and save to your computer)

 So how is that for an easy craft thats fun for the kids too?  I hope you all have a great Halloween! See ya later! -Steph


How cute are those? Thanks for sharing such a fun idea Steph. And thanks for the added bonus... printables! Somewhat Simple is full of so many great ideas. Make sure you set aside some time to go check it out (if you haven't already).

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