for their teacher...

a little
first day of school butter 'em up gift!
i like  jumbo calculators.
so i picked this one up for $2.50 in the target dollar section.
later that day this cheesy gift idea came to my mind.
(listen people. i can't help that cheese is always on my mind!)

warning... and funny story about this calculator. it's numbers are all wacky. when i push the 1 a 2 comes up. when i push the 4 a 5 comes up. that could make addition and multiplication a little difficult. SO... try out all the buttons before you buy one. haha. i did see some other fun colored calculators at walmart in their school section. they just weren't jumbo.

"my calculations" tags comes in green + blue.
get your calculations sheet here.

guess what? we are also over at the great blog how does she?  today sharing another super fun
first day of school butter em up idea!!  Go check it out!

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