back 2 school (fashion show)

i kinda have a thing for traditions.
no scratch that.
i really have a thing for traditions.
 i'm always looking for a new one to start. not sure why? i guess i just enjoy them.
they give me something to look forward to.

sometimes we'll try a new tradition and it doesn't stick.
but we have many that we do year after year that keep getting better.

today i'm sharing one of my favorites!!
we've only done this for 2 years now... but i foresee many more years to come.
about a week before school starts the family gathers together. each child brings 2-3 outfits.
we have a yummy dinner of sub sandwiches and chips.
(yes. even the meal gets repeated year after year. just makes it easier.
then i don't have to decide what to cook each time)
then once everyone's bellies are full....
the kids head back to the "dressing rooms" and the adults find a seat along the "runway".
and our back to school fashion show officially begins.  :)

there ends up being all types of models...
ones who think they are too cool to participate... but are still forced to.  :)
ones who know how to work the cat walk.
ones who have to be bribed with 2 green gumballs.
ones who tend to be a little silly.
ones who enjoy every second of it.
ones who ask 163 times when the fashion show will start.

ones who are starting preschool and need a little coaxing.

and ones who are not even starting school yet, but still want to be part of the fun!!
i'm really looking forward to our 3rd annual fashion show in just a few short weeks...
it's a great time and so fun to see everyone's new school clothes.
so gather your family, friends or neighbors and have your very own
back to school fashion show!!

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