party bags

jennifer and i (jamie) just held a birthday party for two of our kids at the local rollerskating rink. i think the adults ended up having twice as much fun as the kids did. it was a great night (except for a few injuries).

we put together some goody bags for our guests to take home filled with homemade cookies. 

we figured we would give you a free download while we were at it.
get it HERE.

they were pretty easy to put together...
(we put our cookies in a sheet of tissue paper first)

1.  fold the paper bag over about an inch at the top.
2.  trim your labels.
3.  fold the labels over 1 1/2 inches from the top.
4.  mark two dots 1 1/2 inches from each side and then 1/2 inch down.

5. center the label over the top of your bag.
6. using a hole punch, punch holes over your marks.

7. cut pieces of ribbon about 17 inches long.
8. put through the two holes and tie in a bow.

and just in case you have kraft colored bags...

HERE's another download for you.

and there you go. hope you enjoy! :)

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