{around the house} the clock wall

my family and friends will tell you...

i'm the best at being indecisive.
and i'm the perfect procrastinator.
i am jennifer.

those are two talents i wish i wouldn't have been blessed with.

where does all that useless info fit into this post you ask?
well i've had this idea for a clock collection in my head for a couple of years now. so i finally bought all the clocks and then let most of them sit under a bed for the last 4 months. just waiting for someone to come hold my hand and help me decide how to do it.

finally my sisters came to my rescue.
so we...
 put my niece to work cutting out kraft paper in the shapes of my clocks.
that way, we could move things around and get them exactly where we wanted them without putting a hundred holes in the wall.

when everything looked right. we measured for the nail holes and hammered the nails in.
then we took off the paper and hung my clock collection.

then i fell in love... and wondered why the heck i waited so long to get them up there.

oh and just in case you are wondering...
large black clock came from target. yellow one came from a store we have here in vegas and utah called rodworks. (a couple years ago though) and the 3 smaller clocks were bought at hobby lobby for 50% off.
so is it weird to have a clock collection? my hubby doesn't get it?
do you have any collections?

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