our first giveaway

we planned to have our first giveaway when we reached 50 followers.
(and if i'm being honest i was worried we might be setting our goal a bit too high)

but... we are beyond thrilled
did i say beyond? yes. and thrilled!!  seriously....
that over 400 of you have decided that our blog is worth being on your
"blogs i follow" list.

as you may have already read we are vegas showgirls. (nope, no showgirls in the family) born and raised and now raising our own families here in this crazy city. over the next couple weeks, we will introduce ourselves to you a little better. but for now, we want to get to know YOU.

we've put together, what we think, is a pretty fun little giveaway.
and all you have to do to enter... is introduce yourself and let us know where you are from.

simple, right?
lets get started.
we'll post the lucky winner on friday morning.

included in our giveaway is:
* a little girls apron.
* the cutest little owl journal... wait till you see the inside.
* sunny yellow salad tongs.
* bath + body works orange sapphire lotion and shower gel.
* a fabric banner in bright, fun colors.
* a cute little bird cage in our favorite color, robins egg blue.
* 2 fun fabric flowers. they have a pin and a hair clip on the back.
* a box of liberty of london notecards.
* a newborn tie onesie.
* a cute notebook to jot down all the fun projects you want to do.
* AND a surprise!   one of our future projects....   soon to be shared.

good luck!  :)

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winner to be posted soon!!

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