can i get a drumroll please....

it was very evident to us that we are amatuers at this giveaway stuff.
we realized this about half way through this stack of papers.
{ there's got to be an easier way  :)  }

so we are a little late.  sorry.   but we do have a winner.

we took the 75 pages of comments ... cut them into their individual parts.

threw them in a bowl.

recruited a helper.

had our cute {but very serious} recruiter give it a good mix.

then we asked him to reach deep down to the bottom and pick just one.

and this is the one he pulled out.

happy day for LIZ BUTLER from MEMPHIS!!

{congratulations liz... just email us your address to eighteen25 at cox dot net}

we'd like to thank each one of you for letting
us get to know you a little better.
we had a blast reading every single comment!!

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