Glittered Clothespin Snowflakes

Yay! It's the 10th of the month and we have our friends back today sharing Snowflake projects! When we heard what the theme was going to be we knew we wanted to give these Clothespin Snowflakes that we saw on Under the Table and Dreaming a try.

Love that something so pretty can be made out of clothespins. And besides the drying time they are pretty quick to put together.

- White Paint
- 8 regular size clothespins (each snowflake)
- 8 mini clothespins (each snowflake)
- Tacky Glue
- Glitter Glue
- Crystal Course Glitter

- Disassemble the clothespins. It takes 8 regular and 8 mini clothespins to make one double snowflake. 
- Using the tacky glue we glued the snowflakes together and allowed them to dry for about an hour.
- Once dry, we gave them a quick coat of white paint. Spray paint or acrylic paint works fine. We only painted the top.
- Once the paint is dry we brushed on a thin coating of glue and sprinkled with the glitter. Again, we only bothered with the tops.
- When the glue has dried you can glue your small snowflake to the top of your large snowflake or leave them separate if you'd like.

They'll look so pretty nestled in your Christmas tree or they would even make great embellishments on your gifts.

Now it's time to check out what our friends have made this month..
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