Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Halloween is all about the TREATS, right? Today we sharing some goodies that are fun to make, cute to look at and taste great! Halloween Chocolate dipped Rice Krispie Treats!

• Rice Krispie Treats (we like easy, so we used store bought)
• Candy Melts
• Sprinkles
• Paper Straws

• Melt the candy melts following the directions on the package
• Insert straws into the rice krispies (leave some of the wrapper on, that way you have somewhere to hold while you push the straw in)
• Dip the top half of the rice krispies square into the melted chocolate or use a spoon to drip the chocolate on
• Immediately add some fun sprinkles
• Let the chocolate set up and you are done!

If you wanted, you could even slip these into 4x6 treat bags. Tie them closed with some ribbon and you have fun take-home favors for your Halloween party!

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