Black & White Trick or Treat Sign

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When it comes to home decor, I am Obsessed with a black & white color scheme. I love that it goes with most everything, especially when it comes to decorating for different holidays.  This week as I have put the finishing touches on my Halloween Decorations, I added another new black and white sign to my collection.  

DIY Large Trick or Treat Sign
As I was cutting the vinyl to use as a stencil for this sign, my 5 year old was sitting behind me trying to read what it was going to say. In no time, he figured it out, but was confused as to why I wasn't going to "finish" it.    I told him not to worry,  not realizing what his definition of finished meant.  

So I took a pre-cut piece of white paneling I had in my garage. It had a few dings in it but since I was going to paint it I didn't mind.   It measured roughly 15"x24".  I love the grooves in this particular type of board, and you can find it at most home improvement stores.  

DIY Trick or Treat Sign
I then laid out the vinyl I cut and centered it on my board using transfer tape.  

Then I gave it 3 coats of black paint, allowing it to dry in between each coat.

DIY Halloween Sign

Simply paint over the top of the vinyl covering the entire board.  That way once it is dry you can peel up your vinyl, and it will leave behind some nice crisp white letters.

Trick or Treat Sign

 Once the sign was all dried and sitting on its new shelf.  My 5 year old still insisted that it wasn't finished.

"Mom, it's missing Smell My Feet!" 

Apparently, you can't say Trick or Treat without Smell My Feet. ;)

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