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I think it's safe to say, the best part of our summer break so far, has been today's outing. (Even though the majority of the kids were super nervous when we first arrived.) Jen and I each grabbed a Groupon at Fast Lap that was good for two same-day go-kart races for each kid for over 60% off. That huge savings helped a lot.

When you first arrive, they have you sign waivers and assign everyone a go-kart. Max was just over 51", which is the minimum height requirement, so he got one of the smaller karts. They have you purchase head socks, they're only $2 each, but you get to keep them and they come in handy when you want to totally confuse the guy at the Sonic drive-thru afterward.

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Next, there's a quick instructional video to watch. And make sure to wear closed toe shoes or you'll get to trade them in for some of their shoes. Safety first. We tried to make the kids wear the cool uniforms they had, but not one of them would do it. (I even bribed them with dessert)

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We went in to where the track was and the kids all found themselves a helmet to wear. And then it was time to get into their go-karts. This is where we had to give a few of them pep talks. :)  


The cars can go up to 50 mph, you get to control how fast your car goes. So, while some of the kids were flying around the track, others were taking a more leisurely drive. If that wasn't funny enough to watch, you've got the racing between the older siblings too. Once the fear is all gone, their competitive side comes out strong.


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After each race, they print out a report that shows how everyone placed and how fast everyone went each lap. No one even came close to reaching the 50 mph and we thought they were going pretty fast.

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Next time, we're leaving the kids at home and the adults are taking a turn.


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