Shrinky Dinks Mother's Day Gift

Here's a fun little craft for the kids to make for Mother's Day.
If I'm being honest... I'm pretty sure I enjoy shrinky dinks just as much if not more than the kids. So it's a win-win project. We made our shrinky dink art into a key chain and pin. Now I can proudly display my kids art everywhere I go.  :)
• Shrinky Dinks Paper or Plastic Shrink Film
• Colored Pencils
• Sand Paper (our shrinky dink paper needed to be sanded... not sure if they all do)
• Sharpie
• Scissors
• Key Ring or Pin Back - depending on what you want to make with your art
• Hole Punch - if you are making a keychain
• E-6000 glue
• A can of food - to trace your circle with. :)
• Using a can of food trace a circle on a piece of paper.
• Add a scallop edge to your circle and a heart in the middle.
• Trace your design onto the shrink film with a pencil. We made two pieces - the circle and the scalloped circle.
• Color your design.
• Cut out your shapes and then outline it all with a fine tip Sharpie.
• If you are making a keychain, punch out a circle in the top of your scalloped circle.
• Follow the instructions on your shrink film and "cook" your designs.
• When they are done, let them cool and then glue your circle to the scalloped circle.
• When the glue has dried add your keychain or glue your pin back on and you are all done!

Mom will be so proud... and of course you could make one for Grandma too!!

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