DIY Watercolor Tags

We are happy to have back with us today...


This time of year I have lots of opportunities for gift giving...
teacher appreciation...Mother's Day...graduations...

I like to have a good supply of pretty embellishments on hand and ready to go...I think they make impersonal gift cards and cash a little more special.

These watercolor tags are simple to make and pretty.

I started by cutting strips of watercolor paper and painting about half of each.  {Watercolor hint:  less water means more vibrant colors...more water means lighter colors}

After letting the strips dry I used my tag paper punch.

I used 120 lb paper and the punch just barely got through it...I touched up some of the rough edges with regular scissors.

After punching and trimming the tags, I stamped little messages on each.

I used gold twine and tied a small bunch of flowers with a tag.

So cute!

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