You Rock Jars

We are happy to have Julie Comstock back with us today!

Teach your kids to be true to themselves, stand out against the crowd and remember who they are with this pretty object lesson that rocks.... literally!

You Rock! Jars

This blog post was inspired by the below project I created for the Cosmo Cricket trade show booth.

Pink lid with clear knob | Cosmo Cricket

My daughter fell in love with it and desperately wanted to give it to a friend who was having a bad day. That got me thinking about the lesson contained in the jars. Soooooo, always trying to teach my girls good values, we came up with our "You Rock!" jars.

To make one, you'll need some rocks. You can use pebbles, smooth rocks, or even scavange them from outside. Talk to your girls about their strengths and what makes them unique and let them pick the rock they want to represent themselves.

Making Rock Jars

If you want to alter one rock to really stand out, just paint it. Abby painted her's blue and decided to celebrate herself with the word "AWESOME" which she truly is.

Make a personality rock

Kate choose a pink sticker on what she termed a "natural" rock that she found outside. She's felt a lot of pull from peer pressure lately and decided to make herself a reminder to not give into it.

I picked the word Brave for myself for personal reasons. I used one of our wood charms glued to my rock.

Personality Rock

Fill up your jars and add a Show Topper decorative lid. Use a clip top lid if you want to add more messaging and a photo. Use a knob top lid if you just like things simple.

They make great bookends.

Rock Jar as bookend

And pretty paperweights.

Paper weight jars

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