Our Friday Five | Jamie Edition

01 | no-bake speculoos cookies from sweet c's designs
i am a BIG fan of trader joe's cookie butter and can't wait to give these a try

no bake speculoos oatmeal cookies - can you say YUM!

02 | What girl wouldn't love getting some of these cute DIY Hair Ties
(with free printable cards)

DIY Hair Tie Gift Idea & free printable "Life is too short to have boring hair" gift cards

03 | Paint Stick Love Sign
so colorful... so fun... so going on my to-do list

indiana love sign

04 | FROZEN Easter Basket
i love the idea of themed easter baskets and this one is just perfect for all of those Frozen fans

05 | Durango Mountain Resort
With only two months of school left... (gasp) it's time to start planning our summer vacation. This year we're thinking about going to the Durango Mountain Resort. 
Have you been before? Any recommendations for us newbies?

What's on your list this week?

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