Matchbox Easter Treats

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I'm always trying to think of new and pretty ways to package gifts.  

So for a little change of pace from the usual Easter eggs and baskets, I thought I'd try making matchbox treat boxes.  {I still love how the teeny ones I made for Valentine's Day turned out!}

I found the big boxes of matches in the grocery store near the plastic silverware and toothpicks...and now we're totally set for the next time the power goes out and we need to light a few hundred candles. :)

I filled them each with little trinkets and treats nestled in Easter grass.

To decorate the outer sleeves I used colored copy paper and for the pinwheels I used double sided scrapbook paper.

If you need to refresh your memory on how to make paper pinwheels, this is a good tute.

{I used 4 inch squares for my pinwheels.}

I hot glued the pinwheels to the tops of the boxes and slid the inner section filled with treats inside. Super easy and super cute!

I hope you all have a very happy Easter!


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