St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags


We are on the hunt for leprechauns at our house. We have made a trap to lure them, but we haven't caught any yet. We know they are hiding in the house somewhere because they left us some chocolate coins in sparkly bags. They even left behind some gold sparkle foot prints, but that is another story!

If your leprechaun hunters would like to find these treasures from their little green friends, here's what you'll need.
The latest Cosmo Cricket wood charms have lots of hearts and arrows for putting together some shamrocks.

I used hot glue on the edges to hook them together. The nail-polish-painted heart glued on top adds a little more stability. 
Fill your treat bags with chocolate coins, fold over the top and punch two holes for threading your ribbon.

All that's left is to tie it up, add your lucky charm and wait for some magic.

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