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Sometimes I think that I missed my calling and should have become a kindergarten teacher. I have always had a passion for early childhood education and love anything that is CUTE and INSPIRES learning.  Like the game of memory - it's always been one of my favorites.  It is such a clever game with cute graphics that teaches little ones to think and learn to use their process of elimination.  I have always thought that my little "characters" would be perfect for a fun game of memory and was so excited to create my own Lauren McKinsey version of the classic game.   It is so simple and easy to create your own set, and in no time you will have all that you need to play!
To create your own memory game you will need the following supplies:
The printable collection includes two sheets of patterned paper.  Print out five sheets of the striped pattern paper and then on the reverse sides print the playing cards. Repeat that process the polka dot pattern pattern.  You now have a MATCHING set of cards - 2 of each design.  I cut out each of my cards before laminating them, but you can also laminate the entire sheet of paper, cut and then round the edges.  Although you do not have to laminate the cards, it might be a good idea to help them stand up to little hands.
You will find 30 cards in this collection along with an adorable tag to label the container you keep your cards in.  These are not only perfect for your own household but would make a great birthday gift or fun game for your favorite teacher's classroom!

Pattern on one side and image on the other!  It's now time to find your matches!
So many fun and inviting images perfect for little memories!
Don't forget the cute tag to label your game!
I hope that you enjoy this printable collection as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!
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