Birthday Cake Decorating

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In honor of birthday week, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite ways to doll up a cake.

I'm the kind of girl who loves super smooth fondant and fancy decorations aren't for me.  Give me messy swirls of white frosting and simple decorations and I'll dive right in!

Of course the classic birthday cake decoration is candles...and I love a rainbow of tall ones!

Tall washi tape flags are also a fun and simple decoration.

All you need to make them is a handful of bamboo skewers, then just wrap a piece of tape around the top and trim a notch into it make the tape look like a flag.  You'll spend more time picking out tape than actually making them. :)

{And they're not just for birthdays...they're fun for holidays too!}

Fabric flags are probably my favorite...and as long as you can decide on fabric, this is another five minute project.

Grab some fabric scraps, trim them into half inch strips, and then knot them around the top of bamboo skewers.  Trim the fabric down to a length you like and you're all set!

And with all this cake talk, I can't forget my beloved birthday cupcakes.

I made teeny party hat toppers for our little girl's second birthday last summer and they were a huge hit.  You can find the how-to here, and find full details of the party here.

Happy birthday, eighteen25!  Thanks for another excuse to bake a cake! :)

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