Children's Photo Books [Free Download]

Last November, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph some sweet friends of mine and their handsome little guy!  Their little boy, who was just about to turn one, LOVED looking at the back of my camera and seeing himself after each photo was taken.  He would kiss the little boy he saw in the screen staring back at him and giggle with delight.  As I was editing their photos and remembering how much Ethan loved seeing his pictures I had an idea.  I should make him a photo book for his birthday.  His very own little book that could withstand finger prints, slobber and lots of kisses.  I ordered a set of photos from our local Walgreens and went to work.  I laminated each of the 4x6 photos and rounded each corner using my corner punch from Amazon!  I created a cover for the front of the little book, punched holes in the upper left side of each photo and bound the book.  It was perfect!

Supplies needed:
  • Gather the photos for your photo book.
  • Laminate each photo along with a FREE photo book cover from Lauren McKinsey. {you can fit two 4x6 photos per laminating sheet.}
  • Round the corners of the laminated photos.
  • Place your photos in the order you want them arranged in your book.
  • Punch a hole at the top left of each photo.  Use the previously hole punched photo as a guide so that all the holes line up.
  • Attached the photo book cover.
  • Bind together using ribbon or another clamp.

I used this type of clamp in my first photo book.  However, especially for little hands, this clamp easily comes apart.  I found that just using a simple and cute ribbon double knotted works just as well.

Now it's time to choose your cover!  I have created FOUR designs for you to choose from. {each cover has a coordinating back cover.}

Cover option 1!
The back of cover 1!


Cover option 2!

The back of cover option 2!
Cover option 3!


The back of cover 3!


Cover option 4!

Back of cover option 4!  {Seriously, I love this set!}


And, just like that you have the cutest little book. Perfect for little hands! 

My mom takes TONS of photos and one of the things she is wonderful at is printing the photos and putting them in albums.  I am guilty of leaving mine on the computer and never printing them.  This little book is a fun way of taking the photos out of the camera and putting them together in a fun and unique way.  Even adults would love having a little book they can show to their friends without the worry of fingerprints.  Use a photo book to keep your family close when you don't live in the same town or capture the memories of birthday parties, holidays, special trips and more in a little people friendly album.
Have fun not only creating your memories but capturing them as well!

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