Valentine Fun Mail

We are excited to introduce our next Creative Team member to you today. Please give a warm welcome to Cheryl from A Pretty Cool Life. :) I'm almost positive I discovered Cheryl on instagram first and fell quickly in love with her eye candy she posts there. I just know we're all going to enjoy each and every thing she shares with us!

I love quick and easy ways to brighten friends' and family members' days {especially for holidays!} and sending a little fun in the mail is one of my favorite ways to do it.

When I learned that you can mail treats in their actual packaging as long as they're 13 ounces or less my world many possibilities! :)

So after sending treats for Halloween and Easter, I figured it was high time I spread some love with Valentine snail mail.

I picked up a few boxes of candy at Target for about $1 a piece.  I just love the heart shaped Junior 2 year old had her eye {and teeny hand} on the M&Ms!!

Then I cut labels for addresses {and even though it takes up valuable space, the clerks at the post office have told me that a package must have a return address to be sent...}  and dolled them up with a little washi tape.  {and we all know washi tape is cute but not very sticky...make sure to secure your labels properly with a glue stick or real tape!}

In the past postage for movie theater size boxes of candy has been about $2...I'll be heading to the post office to double check and then deck them out in pretty heart stamps.

I just love sending this kind of happy mail...and I hope everyone I send it to does too!  Happy Valentine's Day!!



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