Thanksgiving leftover containers

Please welcome Nora from Just Make Stuff back with us today!!

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. I love preparing every bit of our family's meal (except for the homemade pumpkin pies my sister bakes) and reveling in all the fall details. I even have a binder where I keep track of all of our menu's and how long the turkey takes to cook. So, if I am that obsessively passionate about cooking then hopefully it might not seem too peculiar to want to send home cute packages of leftovers.

Are Thanksgiving leftovers as big of deal with your family as they are with mine? We all pack little meals to take home and enjoy over the weekend. And then, maybe, another container or two of our most favorites. By the end of the night our fridge is packed with bags containing each of our guests pile of leftovers. This year I decided to purchase big packs of containers to have plenty on hand to fill up...

Then I got out some fabric, stamps, and patterned paper to make those packages a little bit more fun to open later...

Even something as super simple as an office tag, twine or washi tape can quickly make a plain container cuter.

I also designed a little tag that can be printed and punched out to identify what's packed inside. You can save the tag and print it out as many as you need...

Thanksgiving Leftovers Tag

And then don't forget a bag to tote it all home.

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with lots of good food, family, and some leftovers too!

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