Felt Ornaments

The 10th is here!
With Christmas coming (HOORAY!!!) and trees going up, we were excited this month for the theme to be...
Handmade Ornaments.

Felt Ornaments
We put together these Felt Ornaments with just a few simple supplies.

• clear plastic ornaments
• 3 coordinating colors of wool felt
• hot glue gun & glue
• scissors
• twine or string

• while watching your favorite tv show trace and cut out all your circles - ours are about 1 1/4  inch circles.
• take the top of your ornament off and start gluing on your circles with the hot glue.
• we just put a small line of glue across the top of the felt circle (remember it takes very little hot glue when working with felt).
• once you have one row done, start the next in the middle of the two circles above it.
• continue adding rows all the way down.
• when you get to the bottom, you'll want to put a little glue on the bottom of your felt circle as well as the top so it will hug the ornament and keep the shape of it.
• hang with string and enjoy!!

Now it's time to check out what our friends made this month!!
There are so many fun & creative ornaments to choose from... glitter, vintage goodness, bright & cheery, traditional, child-oriented, and more! You're sure to find one that fits your tree's theme or a new theme you want to start!


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