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Hi everyone! It's Autumn, from It's Always Autumn. I'll admit it: I've never been much of a decorator for Halloween. I'm not big on corpses and skeletons and all that creepy stuff, and I used to think all the other Halloween stuff was cheesy. But eighteen25 and all their guests have completely changed my mind when it comes to decorating for Halloween. I LOVE all the amazing ideas that get shared here every year, and I'm happy to be here with my own contribution: a Halloween chalkboard printable.

I'm a bit of a literature nerd - I took a bunch of Shakespeare classes in college (I even went on a seven week Shakespeare study abroad trip to London), and this quote from Macbeth's witches gets stuck in my head when I start thinking of Halloween. I LOVE chalkboard printables and I had a great time designing this one.

I used a free chalkboard background and a mix of fun fonts to create it, then used a couple of Photoshop techniques to distress the text a bit so it looks like a real chalkboard. (Don't you love the cool *AND*?  It's from the free font Bergamot Ornaments, which is full of awesome chalkboard ornaments.)

You can download the printable by clicking here. Depending on your browser it should either download immediately, or take you to a new window that shows the printable, which you can then right-click to save it to your computer. It's sized to print as an 8x10 or a 16x20.

I made a simple wood frame for my 16x20 printable for about $7. Click here for the tutorial.

For more book-inspired Halloween decor, check out my free Raven printable and mantle:

And learn how to make spooky spiderweb cookies:

Thanks! Be sure to visit It's Always Autumn for more crafts and decor, sewing tutorials, recipes, and photography tips, including tips for getting great photos of your kids in their Halloween costumes.

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