Bottle Cap Spiders

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Eeek! I typically do not like spiders, but these are too cute to resist! A great craft for some after school fun, Bottle Cap Spiders! I've been a little crafting obsessed with bottle caps lately. I recently shared my DIY Bottle Cap Magnetic Board tutorial too. Bottle caps are inexpensive (especially if you recycle them) and you can have a blast playing around with them... Let's have some crafting fun together making these spiders, shall we?

Bottle Cap Spiders by Live Laugh Rowe for Eighteen25
Supplies needed:
Bottle Caps
Black Spray Paint
Black and Orange Pipe Cleaners
Wiggly Eyes (varied sizes)
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutter (of Scissors)

If you're in a pickle and don't have time to hunt down black bottle caps, upcycle beer or soda bottle caps. If you don't drink beer, ask a neighbor who does to save some caps for you {wink}. I had some on hand, so I started by spray painting mine black. Easy enough. Now we're officially ready to get the party started.

Four Step Tutorial for Bottle Cap Spiders

step one: Gather the rest of your supplies if you haven't already... wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, wire cutters and glue. Are you ready? We're going to start putting together some fuzzy goodness.

step two: Cut the pipe cleaner into 1-1/2" pieces. Depending on how many legs you want your spiders to have will determine how much prep work you'll have to do.

step three: Place the bottle caps face down. Glue each "leg" into the bottle cap, then manipulate it to bend as legs. This was hard to capture on camera, so I'm hoping you can get an idea of how mine turned out in picture.

step four: Glue on one, two or more eyes (you could use Elmer's glue for this part, you'll just need some extra drying time).

Aaaaand you're done! The skies the limit... you could spray paint some orange or purple too. I think they'd make a fun addition to a Halloween themed party or tablescape! What do you think?

Bottle Cap Spiders by for Eighteen25

I don't know about you, but they kinda make me smile!

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