Our Friday Five | Jamie Edition


01 | first + last day of school photos
we're getting ready to take some more first day photos on monday.
i love seeing how much the kids have changed in those nine months. 

02 | new favorite songs

03 | this ruler runner would be great for our table
or hung on the wall for those frequent height measurements

04 | this simple honey bear vase
(: makes me happy :)

05 | randomness

• i look at magazines from front to back
• i love thunderstorms
• if it's chocolate or has chocolate in it, it's most likely better frozen
• i can only talk with the phone to my right ear (to be honest, i'd much rather text)
• i can pick things up off the floor with my toes (and i will spend an extra few minutes trying to do it, instead of just bending over and picking it up)

what's on your list this week?


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