Perler Bead Jewelry

We have such a fun project to share today...

One of the things we enjoy most during the summer is having Craft Days with the kids. They are loud and messy get-togethers, but they end up being some of our favorite summer activities. A couple weeks ago our Craft Day included perler beads!! Hello fun... 

we ended up making the cutest jewelry! we were so happy with the way everything turned out! 

Here's what you'll need to make your own:
• perler beads
• perler bead pegboard - usually comes with the beads
• perler bead iron paper - usually comes with the beads as well - or substitute parchment paper
• an iron
• E6000 glue
• jewelry pieces - for the necklace: ball chain & oval bail plate - for the earrings: flat post w/ clutch - for the ring: adjustable ring with pad - these pieces can be found in the jewelry section at most craft stores

• use the pegboard and make your design(s)
• follow the perler bead directions when ironing
• use the E6000 and glue your designs to your jewelry pieces

So easy and slightly addicting!!

Of course you don't have to make your perler bead creations into jewelry. There are 100's of free patterns out there, just google it. We ended up using these as patterns: Monsters INC Mike,  SupermanmustacheJasmineowl,  penguin,  dino.
. . .

This project was recently featured on Thirty Handmade Days, Funner in the Summer Series!
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