Our Friday Five | Jodie Edition


01|  Dr. Brown's Bottles

I nurse Posie but when we are in a pinch, I love these Dr. Brown's bottles.
Have you used them before?

02|  Evie J

 Candy Chevron Necklace              Evie J
If you are looking for some fun accessories to add to your collection, check out Evie J.

03|  Gru's First Television Appearance

We were so excited to see Gru on Ellen because we can not wait to see the next Despicable Me!

04|  Big day for Posie

Posie was blessed a couple weeks ago.
 I loved that she was able to wear the dress that I wore 32 years ago.
We are so lucky to have this little lady in our lives!

05|  Need a laugh?

I hope you are not offended by this commercial...it cracks me up...every time I watch it! Every time.

What's on your Friday 5?

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