[giveaway] The History Project

We recently started The History Project
and we are so excited to share this awesome class with you!

We are the storytellers. We tell the story of our lives. We are all at different places in recording our current lives, some of us have been doing it for a few years and some of us may have been doing it for a few months. But generally speaking, we are in the process of recording our life as it happens now, which is great!

But what about your own story? Your story is important. Your story is interesting. Your story needs to be recorded simply and efficiently, without spending all the time worrying about product and laying out pages and finding photos like you do when scrapping. It’s all about the stories, not the foo foo.

It’s all about your history, which is why The History Project can help you get those memories recorded. You’ll have a wonderful treasure trove of memories that your posterity can read and love now or later after you’re gone. This is a project you can start any time. The important thing is to do it now.

Want to know more? Go HERE for more details and a great video!!

Today we get to give
of you a spot in The History Project class!!

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Good Luck!!
The winner will be notified by email on June 16th.

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