4th of July Parade Wands

do you start your 4th of July celebrations with a parade?
it's too hot for parades here in July,
but I know a lot of you get to line those streets and cheer on the floats, bands and dancers
and if I'm being totally honest... I'm jealous. :)

for those of you that do get an Independence Day Parade maybe you'd like to make some...
4th of July parade wands!

You'll need:
• wood dowels - 1/4" x 12"
• 3-10 different red, white and blue ribbons
• screw eyes - 8 x 18mm
• red spray paint (optional)

• spray paint the wooden dowel red if you'd like
• cut a variety of ribbons ranging in length from 15" to 30" 
• screw the eye screw into one of the dowel ends
• thread your ribbons through the hole of the screw eye 
we put as many ribbons as we could squeeze in - the ribbons were nice and tight and we didn't even have to tie a knot

then go join a parade!!
or at least stand on the side and give a big cheer and wave your wand proudly!

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