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Hello everyone! I'm Mari from crab+fish and I'm thrilled to be guest posting for the girls of eighteen25 -- thank you Jamie, Jodie, and Jen for having me! :)

Today, I'm going to walk you through a super simple DIY featuring...
your house! 

It's perfect for the entry area of your home...and makes for a thoughtful housewarming gift as well!

Here's what you need: 

Take a picture of your home, if you don't already have a suitable one. You need a shot that is looking straight-on at the house. If you're making this as a gift, check the real estate listing online -- usually there's a perfect shot of the front of the house you'll be able to use.
You don't need to print a high-quality version of your picture. It doesn't even have to be in color. All we're concerned with is the outline of the house...and since we're just going to cut it up, feel free to print it on normal copy paper.
Layer the printed photo of your home over a piece of cardstock and tape them together on a cutting mat to keep them in place.

The windows are awful in this old picture -- we've since gotten new ones.
Using your very sharp blade, carefully trace around the outline of your home. Make sure you apply enough pressure to go through the picture and the cardstock underneath.
I found it helpful to use a spare piece of cardstock as a cutting guide for straight edges:

After cutting around the whole house:'s the cardstock underneath.
Separate the cut-out of your home.

You can frame and hang it at this point if you want. I simply taped the cut-out to the back of the frame and left the backing off. Call it a cheap man's floating frame. :)

If you want to jazz it up a bit, then it's time to grab your washi tape and a new sheet of cardstock:

I first tried laying strips of tape haphazardly.

Avert your eyes if you're prone to nausea.

It's not completely terrible in the frame:

I actually like the willy-nilly pattern in the house shape surrounded by the clean white cardstock...but maybe I should have tried using just one tape.

Next, I lined up strips of washi tape horizontally on a new sheet of cardstock:

...and here it is in the frame:

Aaah, much better!

This is the one I ended up hanging in our entryway:

From the side:

I don't put glass in my frames unless I'm forced to -- I don't like glare.

If you don't have any washi tape, don't fear! The background possibilities are endless. How about fabric?

Just glue the fabric to a sheet of cardstock and insert behind your cut-out.

You could even simply place a different color sheet of paper behind the cut-out. Classic black? Neon pink? Or metallic paper. Glitter paper! Vellum. A sheet of mesh. Thin copper sheet metal. Burlap!

Or...use colored or patterned paper for the cut-out of the house!

So. Many. Possibilities!

Are you going to try this project?
What will you use as your background?
Like what you see?
Check out more of my DIYs here!

Thanks again for having me, eighteen25!


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