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Hi again, it's Jeran from Oleander and Palm.  A couple months ago I was here and shared with you a no-sew geometric heart pendant.  I'm excited to be back and wish a big Happy Birthday to Eighteen25!  Thanks for all the great inspiration, DIYs and gorgeous printables. Let's celebrate their 3rd birthday with a Yarn Wrapped Birthday Number.  
This is a fun party decoration that doubles as a great keepsake.  I made a number 1 for my daughter's 1st birthday party, and now it sits in her bedroom on her dresser.    

These are really easy to make and use very simple tools and supplies.  You'll need to print off a large copy of the number you are making.  I used the font Homestead, because is has a nice flat bottom and edges (and also it's probably my favorite font right now).  You will also need some yarn, a piece of heavy cardboard, scissors, some felt flowers and leaves, an x-acto knife, and a hot glue gun (which I forgot to photograph).

Cut out your printed number and use it as the template for cutting out the cardboard form.  Begin by wrapping the ends of the numbers first.  You will want these covered so that the cardboard is completely covered.  Then, simply wrap and wrap and wrap.  I used a couple dots of hot glue to start the yarn and also to keep it in place on some of the curves (where the yarn wanted to slip).

For a little more cuteness, I added a simple felt rosette and a couple leaves.  If you'd like instructions on how to make a few different felt flowers, I have a video tutorial here you can check out.  

Thanks again Eighteen25 for letting me be a part of your 3rd Birthday Celebrations.


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