[our friday five] jamie edition


01 |  this volkswagen commercial cracks me up

02 | this awesome chalkboard sign...
i think it's a must for everyone to make one

03 | diy wee valentines
are your valentines yeti? ;)

04 | chicken pesto sandwiches
delicious and sooo easy to make (we've had them twice in the last two weeks)

05 | wreck this journal
if you have a tween or teen, this would be a perfect gift for them. my daughter just got this book on tuesday and she has already broken the spine of the book, drawn with glue (the glitter kind, of course), ripped up one page and made a paper airplane with another and... she's taken it in the shower.

what's on your friday five list this week?
seen any good movies lately or tried a new dessert that's worthy of passing on?
we would love to hear.

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