Chalkboard Announcement Buttons

Being a BIG brother or sister is a very important and cool person to be....
so when the big (birth) day gets here we'll be passing these out to Jodie's older kids.
Big Sister and Big Brother Buttons
they will wear them loud and proud i'm sure!


• bar pins
• 3" wood circle discs
• chalkboard acrylic paint
• ribbon
• paint brush
• chalk or chalk marker
• hot glue gun (not pictured)

• paint wood discs according to instructions on the chalkboard paint bottle
• once those are ready, write on the front with chalk
• for the big bro pin, cut notches out of both ends of a piece of ribbon, fold in half and hot glue onto the back of the disc
• hot glue the bar pin onto the back

• for the big sister pin, hot glue the ribbon onto the back using an overlapping technique creating a ruffle as you go - do the thinner ribbon first and then the wider ribbon
• hot glue the bar pin on

and you're done!

make one for everyone that may be visiting the new baby...  " proud daddy"...  "new grandma"... "favorite aunt"... they will all need one!!

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