canvas heart art

here's the perfect project to work on while watching your favorite tv shows. 
(downton abbey anyone? just don't let your tears drip on it.)

canvas heart art

• canvas (we used an 8x10 oval one)
• dmc thread (about 8 or 9 skeins) in a few different colors
• needle

• draw your heart on the back of the canvas.
• thread the needle.
• then starting in the back, pull a good length of thread through and tie a knot.
• take the thread around the outside of the canvas and back through the back side.

• continue going around the heart outline, leaving about a 1/4" space to add your other colors.
• once you get to the end of a piece of thread, just tie it to the beginning of that same piece (the one you tied a knot in).
• when you're done with one color, start with the next until you've filled in a lot of the space around the outline of your heart.

square heart art

the possibilities are endless with this type of project. for this one we took a square canvas and painted a border in red. then using grey thread we made the actual heart instead of going around the outside of the canvas. 
super easy and fun!!

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