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Reindeer Sour Cream Treat Container Tutorial 

Our reindeer container will bring Christmas cheer to all you give him to. Easy to make within minutes! Perfect to hold a special treat…  use as a gift tag, place setting or Christmas ornament. 

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Supplies Needed: 

Dictionary or plain kraft paper (4” x 6”) 
¼”   Pom Poms (red) 
Small googly eyes 
String for hanging 
Red button  
Green cardstock  for holly leaves 
Dark brown cardstock for antlers  
Red Double Stick Tape 
White craft glue  
1/8” Hole punch 


Apply a strip of Red Double Stick Tape to the short inside edge of the rectangle piece of  kraft paper. With the seam in the center back, slide the antlers into the top opening and adhere on one side to hold, then staple once in the center. Hole punch the top if desired. Fill with your favorite treats or small gift and staple the  bottom opening shut by twisting in the opposite direction as shown. Adhere pieces as shown with white craft glue. Let dry. 

Merry Christmas! 

Brenda Birrell, Pebbles in my Pocket 


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