wood plank chalkboard

 i have a slight wood-sy theme going on with my fall decorations this year.
i'm loving the owls and birch candles i picked up at world market and thought i'd add one more little piece of the outdoors.

w o o d   p l a n k   c h a l k b o a r d

 all you need is:
-a wood plank. i found mine at hobby lobby, but i know they carry them at Michael's & Jo-ann's too.
-chalkboard paint
-paint brush

the how-to:
- i left a border of wood around the edges and followed the directions on the paint bottle.
- i painted 4 coats of the chalkboard paint to get a nice even look.
- after drying for 24 hours i was ready to go.

here's a quick tip for you... sharpen your chalk with a pencil sharpener. it works great! 

write your thanksgiving menu or just a little reminder to be thankful
and you are done and it's ready to be displayed. :)

. . .

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