Silhouette Advent Calendar Kit

Silhouette has their new Limited Edition Advent Calendar kit available now.

We decided to match ours with the colors on the Christmas Tree...

Want a background for yourself?
They come in four colors and are sized at 16x20,
which makes it easy to attach to the back of the advent frame
(i just used painter's tape to attach mine).

grey  :  red  :  green  :  aqua

• Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets
• 12x12 cardstock (I used red and grey to match my background)
• White Cardstock
• Silhouette silver glitter
• adhesive (a bottle of glue worked well for this project)

And this is how I put mine together...

• I used one of the pocket shapes from the Silhouette Limited Edition Advent download card
• Re-sized them just a little bit to 3.190" x 4.60"
• Fit 8 on a sheet and then cut them out with the red and grey papers

• For my numbers, I used my favorite font Bebas Neue and used a 120 text size
• Type all of the numbers out together
• Then you're going to cut these out of your double-sided adhesive sheet

• Now click on the Offset window, click on Offset and change the Offset Distance to 0.050 (or whatever you like) This will give you a larger set of numbers to back your glittered numbers on
• Select the smaller set of numbers and delete them
• Now cut the larger set of numbers out with your white cardstock

Did I lose you yet?
I hope not. 

• Place all of the blank cards (these come with the pocket) on a sheet and cut out with white cardstock (make sure these got re-sized too)

• Fold and glue your pockets together
• Glue the larger (cardstock) numbers to the front of the pocket
• Peel off the yellow papers from the adhesive sheets and place on top of the cardstock numbers 
• Then peel off the top paper and sprinkle with the silver glitter
• Tap off the excess glitter and hang on your advent
• Write activities on each of the blank cards and insert into the pockets
• Get ready to count down!!


You have until November 30th to take advantage of the Silhouette Black Friday Deals.
So, you can grab yourself an Advent Calendar Kit for 40% off!!


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