Printable Halloween Banner

We've had a request from a couple of our fabulous readers for a matching banner for the Halloween Subway Art....

something like our fun Christmas one that we shared a couple years ago

so we sweet talked Jamie... and surprise, surprise... it worked!!
she got right to work and designed us one.

you'll need:
-black cardstock
-black double fold bias tape
-white pom pom trim
-sewing machine
-Halloween Banner from HERE

the how-to:
-print and cut out your flags - we left a small white border around ours
-back them in cardstock - leaving a 1/4 inch border on the sides and about an inch on the top
-lay out your bias tape and pin your flags in the fold.
-pin your pom pom trim to the bottom edge of your bias tape.
-sew everything into place.

then display it with your Halloween Subway Art!!
i'm just absolutely in love with my Halloween shelf. it makes me smile every time i walk past it. :)

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