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Hi everyone! I'm thrilled to be invited here again to contribute in this FABULOUS series! I'm Stephanie from Somewhat Simple and I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated with the invitation to guest post this year! Each year this series gets better and better and I didn't know how I could possibly think of something that hasn't already been created! I literally racked my brain for weeks. No joke. And I tried my hand at 2 different crafts that I thought would be perfect. And they were not perfect. So late last-night I was up thinking again and then it hit me- I featured the cutest little treats on my site about a month ago from Robin @ Keep Home Simple. She shared a fun creation on my link party called "Trix on Sticks"- they were basically Rice Krispie Treats but instead of using crispy rice, she mixed Trix cereal with the marshmallows- what a fun variation! So, using Robin's idea, I came up with a Halloween-ish version that my kids LOVED! Take a look:

Here is what you need:
Trix cereal, Marshmallows, Butter, Lollipop Sticks, Plastic Gift Bags & Ribbon, Free Printable (at the end of the post), and a Hole Punch


1. Make your Trix concoction as you would regular Rice Krispy Treats. Let them cool for a bit so the marshmallow hardens, otherwise they won't stay formed into balls.

2. Form your Trix balls. TIP: Spray your hands with some cooking spray, otherwise this will be impossible not to just end in a gooey mess! Once you have the balls formed, stick a lollipop stick through the center.

3. Put them inside a treat bag. I got this pack of 8 plastic treat bags that included cardboard circles to put at the bottom and ribbons for $2 or $3 at WalMart- they worked perfectly! 

4. Print this free printable and cut it out! (I made 2 different variations- pick your favorite!) DOWNLOAD the free printable here: Trix or Treat Printable

Once it is all tied up, it's time to admire your work!
These are fun little gifts- for teachers, neighbors, for visiting teaching and more!

Fun, right?!
Thanks for letting me take over for the day - Happy Halloween everyone!

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