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Hello eighteen25 fans!  I'm Landee from Landee See, Landee Do and I'm excited to be here today on my bloggy BFFs' site sharing a Halloween decor idea!  ::waving at the eighteen25 girls::
For whatever reason, I'm kind of obsessed with eyeballs this Halloween.  Everything I want to make or have made involves those creepy things!  I can't explain it but I think it started with my idea to make this fun Google Eye Garland...

 I'm guessing you smart people can figure out how to make it (I know you're smart because you read eighteen25!) but there are a couple of tips I wanted to share.

SUPPLIES NEEDED:  Google eyes, fishing line, glue dots.

Step ONE: Take a minute to lay out how you want your eyes to be first.  And then make sure you have enough eyes to go on the backs as well since we'll be doubling them up.

 Step TWO: Apply a glue dot on the back of the google eye and then place the fishing line above the center of the eye (this is that tip I was telling you about earlier).  This way the weight of the lower half of the eye will make it hang straight.  If it were right in the middle the google eyes would turn every which way.

Step THREE:  Squeeze a similar sized google eye on to the back.  Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

After I hung my garland up I decided it needed a little something extra to go with it.  So I grabbed my washi tape and made a quick little banner.  I simply wrapped washi tape around some baker's twine and then cut a "V" in the bottom to create the pennant shape.

Then, because I couldn't resist, I used mini glue dots and added some tiny google eyes to a few of them!  Eeek!  So cute.

Then for a little something along the top of my google eye garland (because everything is better in threes) I found some pom-pom yarn... yes!  They make this stuff!  I was planning on making a pom-pom garland from scratch but then I found this and did a happy dance in the aisle at JoAnn's. 

A few glued on google eyes later and I was done!

Do you feel like someone is watching you? :)

Thanks for having me Jen, Jamie and Jodie!  You know I adore you.
Happy Halloween!

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