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Kristy here, from the Diary of DavesWife
{You can just call me DavesWife if you want!}
I am thrilled to be here today at eighteen25 to share with you 
A Spooktacular Halloween Idea!

I absolutely ADORE decorating my house for Halloween,
ALMOST as much as I adore the eighteen25 girls!
Even if it means working outside in 100+ degree Arizona Weather!

This year, I wanted to do something a little different to decorate my Front Door.
And a few weeks ago, while visiting a friend's house,
I saw the PERFECT Frame for my project hanging on her wall.
So what did I do?  I bought it off of her right then and there.
So..... Do YOU Want to see what I did with it??

Isn't She PERFECT?  
So HOW did I make her?
Well that is an EXCELLENT question.
It all started with a Pencil and a VERY Large sheet of Paper.

Yes, I drew her!
p.s. I never draw with anything other than a polka dot pencil!

You see, She measures 18" tall.
I wanted EVERYONE who drives down my street to be able to see her!
After 4 Rough Drafts, and 3 erasers,
I finally had a good pattern.

Once my pattern was drawn, I cut her out with Scissors.
Then I cut down a Piece of Foam Board to fit inside my frame.

Here's what happened next:

 {1} I used some Antiquing glaze and rag and distressed my foam board.
As you can see, {2} I used a circular motion to apply the glaze to get the look I wanted.
Then I let it dry.
Next {3} I used my pattern and a pencil and traced her again right onto the foam board.
And {4} I then took a permanent marker and traced the outline
That way, I had an nice dark line I follow as I painted the rest of her.

After letting her dry for a few more hours, 
I popped her into her frame and mounted her to my front door with a few command strips.
Last, I applied Some Vinyl Lettering beneath her letting EVERYONE know that
 "The Witch is in"

She is Totally Wicked.  
And I can't help but cackle inside EVERY time I look at her!

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