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Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here today at eighteen25 for another great year of Spooktacular September. My name is Kiki and I am visiting from Kiki and Company.   One of my kids favorite things to do before each holiday is countdown. We countdown to Christmas, we countdown to Easter, we countdown to the last day of school (yep, that's a holiday in our house!) we also of course, countdown to Halloween. This year I thought it would be fun to make a printable that we could actually use to spice it up a bit. That is where the Halloween Countdown House comes in. It's the perfect piece of real estate to pick up...31 windows or doors, 31 Halloween related activities, 31 days of guaranteed fun and memories for your kids...for FREE!

I have it in 2 different forms, with a background and without to surely give you something you will love! I made mine without the background and it came out to being approx. 15"x15".

But the real fun lies behind the windows and doors:

Let's make the Halloween Countdown House.

free Halloween Countdown House downloads
foam core
x-acto knife
spray adhesive
quick dry glue

-cut out house and activities house
-using spray adhesive, spray the back of the activities house and adhere to foam core
-using x-acto knife (and make sure you are using a self-healing mat underneath), cut around the doors and windows on 3 sides (you do want them to open!)
-turn house over and using the quick dry glue, glue all over the house EXCEPT for where the doors and windows open (you DO want them to open!)
-cut out the house with the x-acto knife
-cut out a triangle shape and score about 2 inches from top. glue that small top to the back to make a stand for the house. see pic:

YOU ARE DONE! Now go and make some memories with your family!
You can choose to download any or all of these. 16x20 prints can be printed at Costco for $5.99. Just make sure when you upload to click the Do Not Auto Correct button before sending it in!

AND as an added bonus, come on over to Kiki and Company, where there are idea links for each of the 31 activities.
You can also get a limited edition Halloween pack of printables that go specifically with the countdown. You DO NOT want to miss it!
Thanks for having me, Jen, Jodie and Jamie.
Happy Halloween!

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