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Hey everybody! I'm Jeanna Hayes and I am a photographer in Viva Las Vegas (you may have seen me around here from time to time with photography tutorials - it's nice to see you again!). As much as I love taking pictures, it's fun to sit down and do some crafting. Especially when I can sit and watch my favorite movie, The Sound of Music, while I'm at it (hey I know it's old - no judging!). My craft is pretty simple, but it involves photo frames and scrapbook paper. Besides raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, those two are a few of my favorite things... :) 

Take at least 5 pieces of different scrapbook paper - I like to play around with different colors and patterns. Have fun with it! My favorite is the bat pattern - those little things are cute.

Cut them into scraps, mixing up the width (mine are anywhere from approximately 1/2 inch to 2 inches wide)

The idea is to embellish the mat with Halloween paper, but just to be safe I don't use the actual mat that was included in the frame. I trace it onto another (thick) paper and use that. That way you can use the original mat again if you ever want to.

Attach the paper and tape each piece around the back of the mat - yes, it will look messy in the back, but who will ever see that anyway? :)

Put the finished mat in the frame with a photo of your choice and now you're in business!

*A few other ideas for embellishing a photo mat for Halloween, could be to wrap orange yarn or fabric around it, or even glue down flattened candy bar wrappers (wouldn't Tootsie Roll wrappers be adorable?). You could also make other mats for the different holidays and switch them out. Who'd have thought a little photo mat could be so versatile?

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