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BOO to YOU my Eighteen25 friends! This is Heather from Whipperberry and I am over the Halloween Moon excited to join in on the Spooktacular September event here with Jen, Jamie & Jodie from Eighteen25! They are some of my favorite friends here in Vegas and I ADORE them all!!

Today for my Spooktacular September project I teamed up with with Rhonna Farrer from Rhonna Designs to create some fabulously spooky and totally bewitching Halloween d├ęcor…

Bewitching Halloween

I am actually in the process of moving and many of my favorite craft supplies have already been packed, but I learned a great lesson… you don’t need much to create some fun projects. Here’s my list of supplies…

mod podge
For each of the three elements I printed the designs from the Insta Spooky Kit at Rhonna Designs on your plain old printer paper making sure they were sized just right for my plates and jar lid.


I cut each image out and then spread a thin layer of the Antique Matte Mod Podge directly onto the plate or lid and then placed the paper onto the plate.  Making sure the image was placed correctly on the plate. Then I brushed another thin layer of the Mod Podge on top of the image and let dry.


Once the plate and lid were dry, I carefully added some Dimensional Magic to the Spooky image and the moon on the large plate.  This gives the image a little pizzazz!!

The Witch is In Plate spooky decor
Once everything was dry, I hot glued 5 of the spoon handles onto the back of the lid and then hot glued the lid to the small plate. That was it!! Super easy and it looks soooooo cute!! They are BEWITCHING, wouldn’t you say?
Here are some more of my favorite Halloween projects from the past…

Lead TrickorTreatBag candy-corn-wreath2
Come on over to WhipperBerry and check out what other spooky ideas I have up my sleeve!!
Thanks Jen, Jamie & Jodie for letting me come over and hang out today, you guys are THE BEST!!!

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