[our friday five] jodie edition

our friday five

01|new mascara

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara

instead of fake lashes....i got this....and i love it!
"they're real" by benefit
you can purchase it here.

02|this proposal

in my opinion, this is the cutest thing on you tube right now.
i cry every time i watch it (that's more a personal problem).
(click the here to watch)

03|these polish colors

i always fall hard for essie but these colors have me head over heels!

04|these shoes
these are screaming comfort to me....plus, you can't have too many pairs of grey shoes, right?
you can get them here.

05|this necklace
Lemonade necklace
isn't it so bright & elegant?  i just love this necklace from fortune on etsy

what five things are on your mind?

. . .

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